As manual therapists, dysfunction awaits at every turn. In the age of technological advances, never have we worked more and moved less. Sedentary lifestyle and occupational factors are major contributors to dysfunction and impairment. “Normal” populations form the majority of clientele in manual therapy and consumer expectations have never been higher on return for healthcare investment.

Manual Therapies has become highly regarded in recent times, what was once thought upon as a “luxury” is now seen as a compliment to Allied Health. The remedial diploma has become the industry standard, perceived widely as the minimum skillset a practitioner abreast in the industry should have attained.

Yet a gap exists between manual and physical modalities, disparity in clinical research and practice is rife and whilst a meeting of the minds seems a logical choice we remain divided.

Corrective Therapist has come to fruition with the manual practitioner at the forefront, objectively to bridge the gap between manual and physical therapy through education and application.


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